Tyre Textures & Indiana Jones

New Post on Master-of-Sound: Tyre Textures & Indiana Jones http://aquinn.co.uk/wordpress/?p=301

Pigs are Awesome

Recently done some recording of pig vocals;


Includes short discussion on pigs in film

GAT Weapons

New blog post; GAT Weapons http://aquinn.co.uk/wordpress/?p=3

New Post On Master-Of-Sound: Dino Design

There's a new post on master of sound on some dinosaur vox i have been working on;


Master-of-Sound Is Moving

Master-of-sound is slowly being moved over to a wordpress blog. This is going to take some time but eventually my entire site will be run from wordpress. In the meantime all new blog posts will be made on the wordpress site and I will post the links to the posts here.

Whilst you're wating have a look, most of it is placeholder but new content will be up soon.

Waves & Trains

Whilst I was down in Brighton for develop I decided to go record some waves.

Here's a couple of examples of what I got, all recorded @ 24bit/96k NTG-3 into a Fostex FR-2

The first file is a mix of two perspectives;
Perspective 1: Pointing towards the sea picking up large wave movements
Perspective 2: Stood in the sea facing the shore picking up the wave breaking

WAVES stone beach brighton by Andrew Quinn

I also wanted to try and record some waves on the breakwater in the marina so I walked down there from the hotel to find it closed because of the rough sea. However some nice fishermen with a huge dog let me in. I ended up getting very wet but also getting some very nice angry sea sounds.

WAVES breakwater angry by Andrew Quinn

As I was walking back one of these appeared round the corner. Perfect case and point of always being ready to record or I wouldn't have got this.

TRAIN minature railway passby by Andrew Quinn

Bows and Arrows

Today I managed to get an hour of time with an ex-national archery champ Dave Carter to record a few bow and arrow sounds. I managed to get some good material of him loading arrows, arrow impacts and firing, but not of arrow pass by's. The arrows we were using were cutting too cleaner path through the air and were making almost no sound at all. Experimentation with broken arrows and arrows with things attached is needed in the future, when I can possibly have a bit more of his time.

In the meantime here is an example of some of the sounds I managed to get;
Recorded @ 24bit/96k Rode NTG-3 into Fostex FR-2

BOW composite fire x2 by Andrew Quinn

Thanks to Dave for helping out.